All our products are pork free.

In our products, we use cow and chickens fresh meat and no chemicals or other preservatives.
We sell products within 72 hours, so we just work with fresh daily-slighted cow and chicken meat.

Our products are:

  • Parizier “Baloni”
  • Turist “Paparoni”
  • Lukanik “Hot paparoni”
  • Kremvice “Hotdogs”
  • Salcice “Sausages”
  • Buke mishi “Ham”
  • Martadel pulash “Chicken Breast”
  • Kremvice me djath “Hotdogs with cheese”
  • Salcice pulash “White meat sausage”
  • Suxhuk “Turkish sausage”
  • Mish i tymosur “Smoked meat”
  • Gjoks i tymosur “Smoked Breast”