HALLALL sh.p.k. was established in 1999 to enter the huge challenge of meat processing in Albania, but from an unique side at this field. While none of the other processors had produced a halal product.

Islam Meat Center (the marketing name of products and the name of the company stores) was specialized in halal products, and from that point, the company stepped forward Albanian consumer.

From our daily experience, we learned that it’s the time to enter the field of white meat producing, where, before us, nobody could taste the unique taste of fresh white meat. We taught our customer to consume just fresh meat.

Since 2002, daily slighting of live chickens and after the unique success we had, our company decided to move forward producing young chickens, and again we are the first producers in Albania.

Islam Meat Center is a big name in fair presentation, where we had a great place in all fairs and we are well known for our local and fresh products, like New Year turkeys, daily use chickens and salami.